Atelier van den Berg Fotograf Hamburg Workspace Studio
Atelier van den Berg Fotograf Hamburg Workspace Studio

The atelier in Hamburg, Altona, is known for it creative image design. Many long years of photographic creativity and experience are now complemented with the application of the latest technologies and CGI.

We visualise creative ideas and combine photography with CGI.

Jo van den Berg has been running the creative forge at Jenckelhaus for over twenty years. The art of making clear statements by means of powerful images has always been his trade mark. He is known as a competent partner for his design work in photography and film. Typical of his style are the impressive arrangements that reflect an eye for detail, and qualify as state-of-the-art in the field of visual communication.

Atelier van den Berg Fotograf Jo van den Berg und Artist Joris van den Berg

Joris van den Berg has been working professionally in the field of CGI for print and film for ten years. He is actively involved in supporting on-going developments in 3D software (Pixar, among others). He has been in demand as a 3D artist and supervisor for clients such as VW, Audi, Porsche and Mercedes, since 2012. His versatility and his great enthusiasm for dynamic images bring new creative impulses to the atelier and expand its spectrum. Joris van den Berg became a partner in 2017.